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Omni-Channel Experience

Buy Online Ship to Store

Make more products available in store

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Kohl's now provides this new buy online ship to store service to improve the shopping experience online and in-store. This is an omni-channel project impacting 4 channels: desktop, mobile browser, native app and tablet. The desktop experience is currently available online. Feel free to check out.

Experience Designer

Pilot Launched in 08.2018

Omni-channel Experience

My Role

I explored various wire concept content strategy to best translate this new buy online and ship to store concept to all level of customers across channels.

I evaluated where are the touchpoints on the customer journey, in what scenarios customers would like to be informed and in what level of details with 5 channel designers and 2 product managers.

I examined if we are providing a consistent experience across different channels in-store and online by balancing business goals and understanding customers’ behavior.

I empowered the product team and the engineer team to smoothly shipping this mobile experience for pilot lunch and beyond.


People think it is...

"Perfect solution to obtaining a blouse in my favourite color where my size wasn't available in store. Efficient and reasonably fast."

"I love it! It was quick easy and I was able to get my size even though it was not in stock at the local store."

For confidential reasons, only part of the story is available now. For a lot more fun details, feel free to reach out!đŸ˜‰

This project is password protected under NDA. Please contact me for the password.


  • Paper & Pencil
  • Axure
  • Google slides


  • Interview
  • Usability Testing


  • System Thinking
  • Presentation
  • UX Research
  • Experience Mapping
  • Rapid Prototyping

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